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Are you interested in contributing to this project?  Mapping Peace Education is a global project dependent upon researchers and educators who have significant knowledge of peace education in a given country.  Country Map profiles are typically developed by teams of in-country “experts” with some input from external researchers.

If you are interested in helping us develop new (or review existing) country profiles, please contact us.  When you reach out, please let us know the country (or countries) you are interested in working on, and please provide a short background on the source and experience of your knowledge on peace education in the country.  

Before contacting us, please carefully review the country profile status/tracking database, where the status of each country’s profile is indicated.  We also welcome suggestions and introductions to other potential researchers and profile developers.  

Country Map: Contributor Roles & Expectations

There are two main “contributor” roles that are at the heart of the mapping peace education project: researchers (initial authors) and reviewers (contributing authors). All contributors have expert knowledge and/or experience of peace education within a given country. 

Researchers draft the initial country profile working in teams with a minimum of 2 members. At least 1 researcher must be a citizen or resident of the country.  If possible, teams should be composed of researchers representing diverse perspectives, experiences, and regional knowledge.  Teams might include a mix of academic researchers, practitioners, and organizers.  

Reviewers conduct peer-reviews of the draft country profiles.  Ideally, reviewers should also work in teams.  Reviewers seek to assure the country profile provides a balanced view and help to fill in any missing gaps in the profile. 

All contributors are recognized as the authors of their respective country profiles (the equivalent of authoring an academic, peer-reviewed publication).

Contributors support the project in the following ways:

  1. Provide country-specific knowledge and expertise related to profile development in any of the following areas: historical and present peace education efforts (or related educational approaches), educational policy/legislation supporting peace education, and historical context & conflict analysis
  2. Develop and edit country profile(s) (by drafting, adding, or conducting peer reviews)
  3. Assist with updates and maintenance at the biennial review of the existing country profile(s) 
  4. Work in teams to assure diverse perspectives of country profile components
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