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Map Key

  • For quick visual identification, non-formal education orgs (NGOs, etc) have purple pins and formal ed orgs (schools, universities) have green pins.
  • Clicking on a pin on the map will reveal a pop-up with some basic information. Click again on the title of the org to view the full profile.
  • You can also click on the name of the organization in the search results at bottom of the page to view a full profile.

Filter & Search Options

Several filter options are provided to aid in refining search results. You can choose from 1 of 4 search boxes found below the map:

  • The Formal Education search option allows you to filter results by a) country, b) formal ed type (school, university), c)degrees offered (for universities), and d)grade level (for PreK-12 schools). Search/filter results will match all criteria selected.
  • The Non-Formal search option allows you to filter results by a) country, b) non-formal ed type (NGO, governmental, other), and c)geographical scope of the work of the organization (local, regional, global, etc). Search/filter results will match all criteria selected.
  • The Open Search can be used to search for anything. Type your search/filter inquiry into the box.
  • The Work Focus search allows you to filter according to thematic areas of focus. Here you can filter using Major Branches, which includes 15 umbrella categories, encompassing widely adopted approaches (for example: conflict resolution education, social emotional learning, disarmament education). Approaches & Themes are similar to the major branches, yet more specific (there are nearly 90 approaches and themes to choose from – some may not yield any comparative results.) *Click here for an overview and detailed explanation of “Significant Approaches and Themes of Peace Education.”

Search & Filter

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OrganizationCountryWorking Context
University for PeaceCosta RicaFormal
Global Campaign for Peace EducationUnited StatesNon-formal
International Institute on Peace EducationUnited StatesNon-formal
OrganizationCountryWorking Context
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